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Encore Truck Tyres at ATS Euromaster

High quality ENCORE® Retreads are manufactured by the Michelin group in the UK and are certified to:

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management standard)
  • ISO/TS 16949 (Quality management standard)
  • REACH (Regulations on chemicals and their safe use)
  • Highly advanced casing verification ensures premium product quality


Make the most of your Encore Truck Tyres with:

  • Cost savings: extend tyre life with Encore Retread by making the most of your casings over the long term and reducing your mileage costs. In addition, Encore Retread Truck Tyres cost less compared to the average cost of a New Truck tyre allowing for a very competitive purchase price
  • Flexibility: more flexibilty for your worn casings with nearly 100 possible combinations of original treads and retreads
  • Ecology: with ENCORE Retread®, there is less waste to process and natural resources are protected

Increase your retread acceptance rate and reduce your cost per km with Encore Truck Tyres

  • Extended acceptance specifications enable you to retread your casings: ENCORE® Retread can retread more than 15 different makes
  • 25 different tread patterns available