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Westlake Truck Tyres at ATS Euromaster

About Westlake and ZC Rubber

Westlake tyres are manufactured by ZC Rubber; one of the top ten global tyre manufacturers.

Established in 1958, ZC Rubber is China’s premium tyre producer and its tyres are rated as amongst some of the best in the world. It has the greatest share of the Chinese home market and, as a result, plays an important role in the international tyre market, serving millions of customers around the world.

Westlake truck tyres are produced under ISO 9001 certification and are fully REACH compliant.


ZC Rubber invests heavily in research and development, with over 1,000 of its staff being directly employed in specialised research and development roles. It also collaborates with leading Chinese universities, working on various technical improvement projects, and the world’s leading testing organisations for independent quality analysis and verification. All current development for commercial tyre applications is done to European standards.

About the new range of Westlake Truck Tyres

Westlake truck tyres have been developed in accordance with European labelling regulations. As a result of extensive research, the tyres from this range have been produced to provide good traction, fuel efficiency, low rolling resistance, less heat generation, low noise and value for money.

Careful Casing Construction

Attention to detail goes into creating every Westlake tyre. All tyres undergo X-ray and visual checking, as well as dynamic balancing and uniformity checks before leaving the factory.

Many elements go into crafting a carefully constructed Westlake tyre:

  • Tread Various compounding strategies are utilised to minimise tyre tread wear and to maximise traction and fuel efficiency. These strategies also help to provide resistance to fatigue, chipping and scaling. Westlake truck tyres have special tread designs for each truck application.
  • Belt Edge Cushion Westlake tyres feature a belt edge cushion to help enhance the structure durability, therefore extending the tyre life.
  • Inner Liner The inner liner is specially designed to maintain the air pressure of each tyre to ensure a significantly longer casing life.
  • Bead Filler Two or more different compounds are used in the bead filler to stiffen the bead for better steering response and to control the flexibility of other parts of the tyre.
  • Undertread The undertread compounds generate less heat, in order to prevent tread separation.
  • Sidewall Special sidewall compounds are applied to provide high flexibility, excellent durability and high resistance to fatigue and weather cracking.
  • Rim Cushion The rim cushion compound is highly resistant to the heat brought by the heavy load, or transmitted by the rim, to extend the tyre life.

These features combine to provide commercial vehicle operators with quality, reliability and value for money.

The new Westlake Truck Tyre range

The new range of Westlake truck tyres is divided into four main categories – Regional (All Routes), Mixed Service (On/Off Road), Long Haul and Low Loader (MaX Load). However, each tyre is suitable for use within a cross-section of applications.

Regional includes patterns such as the WSR+1/WDR+1 for light trucks and WSR1 and WDR1 for heavy trucks. The Regional range of Westlake truck tyres is designed for short-to-middle distance journeys which feature frequent braking, accelerating and turning. The tyres from this range are ideal for use on paved roads with curves and on unexpected/challenging road conditions (such as snow and ice).

Mixed Service incorporates Westlake’s WDM1 and WTM1 heavy truck tyres. This range is the choice for operators who require tyres for use in both on and off road operations where aggressive, sharp-edge or muddy terrains can be expected. These tyres are suitable for vehicles carrying heavy loads and provide outstanding durability when running at slow speeds with constant stopping. The tyres are specially protected against the damage caused by rough road conditions.

Long Haul includes patterns such as the WDL1 and the WTL1. Tyres within this range are designed for long distance journeys running at constant, steady speeds with less braking and accelerating. These tyres are for use on excellent paved road conditions - with fewer curves -and provide a comfortable ride, along with a high mileage performance, due to less fuel consumption.

Westlake’s Low Loader range houses the WTX1 MaX Load tyre for heavy load trailers. It is suited to short-to-long distance journeys and is designed specifically for weighty loads.