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Truck Wheels at ATS Euromaster

At ATS Euromaster our knowledge isn’t limited to tyres and MOTs; we provide services that make sure your fleet runs to its full potential.

Finding the right set of wheels for your vehicle can reduce weight, save fuel and improve comfort. Our experienced experts will be able to help you work out the potential savings from a new set of wheels for a truck.  

Our truck wheel service provides:

  • The benefit of expert knowledge from more than 200 specialist truck centres across the UK
  • Get added peace of mind with our 10 point safety and security check.
  • Find exactly the right wheels for your fleet’s needs with the help of our experienced specialists
  • Save money on fuel and future wheel replacements with a selection of lighter wheels to choose from.

To get the most from your fleet’s current wheels, find out about our wheel balancing and wheel alignment services.

Steel vs. aluminium wheels

Choosing from steel and aluminium wheels is one of the most important factors when buying truck wheels.

Steel wheels come as standard on most trucks and are often a favoured option due to their cost and durability.

A number of trucks choose aluminium wheels over steel for a few reasons; aluminium wheels are generally lighter than their steel counterparts, meaning that they save on fuel but also allow for a heavier load to be carried before exceeding the truck’s maximum capacity.

While aluminium can corrode, it does not rust the way that steel wheels do. While surface rust on a steel wheel is not usually a major concern, rust can build up in the wheel rim when it is inflated with compressed air, due to water particles that find their way into the wheel during inflation.

Wheel safety checks 

Our experts are trained to detect damage to wheels at an early stage. At ATS Euromaster we conduct a 10 point safety and security check on your fleet’s wheels to make sure that your wheels won’t let you down when you’re travelling over long distances.

Our checks look for:

  • Dents and Damage
  • Cracks
  • Poor Mating Surfaces
  • Centre Bore Damage
  • Stud Hole Elongation
  • Valve Security Issues
  • Wheel Nut Condition
  • Signs of Under Inflation
  • Markings on Nave Plate
  • Corrosion

Why replace wheels? 

Aluminium may corrode, but it doesn’t rust. Steel wheels can rust over time, especially if they are on a vehicle that travels long distances and regularly needs its tyres re-inflated. However, aluminium is a softer metal and as such is more prone to damage from impact.

Both steel and aluminium wheels need to be in good condition to ensure the health and longevity of the vehicle so will need to be replaced when there is any damage that could compromise the safety or the running of the vehicle.