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Truck-Tyre Pressure Maintenance-banner

Correct tyre pressures are hugely important to the running of any vehicle, but this becomes even more so as the size of the vehicle increases. Incorrect tyre inflation can end up costing your company unnecessary expenses in fuel and tyres as well as making your vehicles less safe on the roads.

Keeping on top of tyre pressures in larger vehicles can be time consuming, especially in larger fleets. Our tyre pressure maintenance checks will make sure that your vehicles’ tyres are at their correct pressure and that the tyres themselves are in good condition to drive. 

  • Available from 140 centres across the UK, meaning your fleet can benefit from great service wherever you are
  • Save money across your entire fleet
  • Improve the safety of your fleet and reduce downtime
  • Reduce costly breakdowns

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Effects of under-inflated tyres

A truck with underinflated tyres is likely to use far more fuel proportionally than a car with similarly underinflated tyres and as a result is going to end up costing more money unnecessarily.

Multiply this by several vehicles and soon underinflated tyres can become a needlessly expensive cost; not just in fuel but in tyre wear as well, because an underinflated tyre will have a shorter life than a tyre with the correct amount of pressure.

If your tyre pressure is 20% lower than the recommended guidelines, its expected mileage is reduced by around 19% and your vehicle will use 2% more fuel than normal.

Effects of over-inflated tyres

Similarly, over-inflated tyres can adversely affect fuel consumption and tyre wear, which further demonstrates why having the correct tyre pressures is so important to good fleet economy.

Having the correct tyre pressures will also ensure that your fleet makes less of an environmental impact. If your tyre pressure is 20% higher than the recommended guidelines, its expected mileage is reduced by 22%.

Over-inflated tyres can also compromise the overall condition of the tyre, causing excess amount of strain on the plies within truck tyres to weaken as they attempt to contain the additional pressure.

Reduce tyre blow-outs and fleet downtime 

Having the correct tyre pressures for your fleet can not only save you money on tyres and fuel, but also improve the overall safety and reliability of a vehicle, with healthy and correctly inflated tyres less likely to suffer a blow-out. The total air pressure of a 295 80R 22.5 tyre when exploded carries around 12 tonnes of force, making it hugely dangerous to the driver and other road users.

Fewer breakdowns also means less downtime for your company, helping your fleet travel uninterrupted and avoiding potential added costs such as late penalties and callout charges.

Reduce fleet costs 

Tyres can become an expensive cost for a fleet that regularly travels long distances, but that cost can be greatly reduced with proper maintenance and servicing for your fleet. Regrooving a truck’s tyres can prolong their usability by tens of thousands of miles, but having your tyres inflated to the correct pressure can increase the time you have before a regroove is necessary as well as making sure that your tyre goes even further once it has been regrooved. 

Improve truck performance

A truck with correctly inflated tyres will automatically handle and grip better, especially in poor weather. Your drivers will also appreciate the benefits of reduced road-noise and better ride comfort that comes automatically with tyres performing at their optimum level.