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Retreading and Casing Management


Several truck tyre manufacturers purposefully design their casings to be retreaded several times. This means that once the tread has worn away, their is often still value in the casings removed form your fleet. We have a transparent, efficient casing management process that allows you to keep track of your casings. The expert advice of our technicians on when and where to fitted retreaded tyres on your fleet alongside our casing management will help ensure yu get the maximum benefit form retreading tyres.


The benefits of retreading:


  • Increased tyre life without compromising on safety, but reducing the impact on the environment.
  • Retreaded tyres often provide the very close to if not the same performance as a new tyre, despite costing around about 40% less.
  • An effective way of optimising your costs.
  • Retreading protects the environment, by reducing the number of new tyres used. 




Retreading your usable casings

Retreading your usable casings will help you to reduce your annual tyre costs as retreading tyres can be significantly cheaper than buying new tyres.
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