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Image for 205/65HR15MICH EN SAVER+ GRNX from ATS Euromaster
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Image for 205/65HR15MICH EN SAVER+ GRNX from ATS Euromaster


205 / 65 R15 94 H
SUMMER summer



Homologated tyres are those that have been approved directly via a manufacturer. These tyres are ones that have met the standards and regulatory requirements of the manufacturer. 

4.71 /5 (28)
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Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
70 dB
Noise (value)
Tyre labelling
70 dB

Fuel efficiency

EU Fuel Efficiency

The energy lost when a tyre is in motion is known as 'rolling resistance'. This has a direct impact on fuel consumption.
A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to G. Over the life of the tyre, fitting an A rated tyre could save you up to 6 litres of fuel when compared to a G rated tyre.


Wet grip

EU Tyre Label - Wet Grip Icon

A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to G.
The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length. This makes average stopping distance between an A and G rated tyre 18m. That's 4 car lengths.


Noise level

EU Tyre Label - Noise Icon

The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels - accompanied by one, two or three sound waves, with one wave being the best noise level performance.
To achieve the best grade, a tyre’s noise level must be at least 3dB under the legal limit set by the EU.

The Michelin Energy Saver+ is a fuel efficient tyre for city cars, MPVs and family cars. he Michelin Energy Saver+ is excellence in safety and longevity.

The tyres reduce running costs, respect the environment, and enable shorter braking distance.

Features and Benefits

- Save up to 60 litres of fuel compared to its predecessor (1) and more safety in the wet due to new generation 100% silica-based rubber compound
- Plus the excellence of tyres in safety and longevity thanks to the Durable Security Compound. The DSC improves wet breaking by maintaining the rigidity of the tread rubber.
- Outstanding longevity due to a mixing process exclusive to Michelin. This exclusive Michelin process enhances the performance of the 100% silica-based compound and the DSC compared to using a non-Michelin process.
- Optimised Profile: Increased safety: 10% larger tyre footprint gives better contact with the road and excellent grip (2)
- Eco n Grip: Increased fuel savings with excellent longevity: The new patented Eco 'N' Grip technology uses a tread compound with improved molecular cohesion to reduce heat build-up.
- Under-Tread Layer: Increased fuel savings: Michelin has added a special under-tread layer containing very low rolling resistance polymers to reduce fuel consumption.

(1) Estimate of savings with Michelin ENERGYTM Saver+ compared to its predecessor, for petrol vehicles, based on rolling resistance tests carried out by TÜV Süd in 2012 (on 175/65 R 14 T and 195/65 R 15 H) and calculated over the average life span for MICHELIN tyres (i.e 45 000 km - 2012 internal survey).

(2)Compared to its predecessor, 16" sizes, 205mm section width and over.


Tyre Technical Ratings

  • Braking in dry conditions : 8 /10
  • Braking in wet conditions : 10 /10
  • Grip in wet conditions : 7 /10
  • Aquaplaning resistance : 7 /10
  • Tyre noise level : 7 /10
  • Handling : 9 /10
  • Ride quality : 8 /10
  • Tyre wear : 10 /10
  • Rolling resistance : 7 /10
Tyre rating testing information

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