What does a car service include?

Getting your vehicle serviced is important for many reasons. It is a comprehensive check on your car's general health and fixes any issues with fluids, brakes, the engine, lights, suspension, and more. 

Here we’ll be taking a look at why your car needs a service and what a car service includes.

Why Does My Car Need a Service?

Most of us know that in addition to an annual MOT, our cars need to undergo a service at least once a year. 

Unlike an MOT car servicing is not a legal requirement, but it’s vital to the continual health and performance of your car.  A service is there to ensure that most of the key safety components and perishables that are needed to help your car run (oils, filters and fluids) are kept in good condition.  

A car service is a form of preventative maintenance for your car; annual servicing can help prevent lasting and expensive damage from building up over time.  The checks in a service also help to ensure that your car runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, meaning that you aren’t wasting fuel or generating unnecessary emissions.

ATS Euromaster offer servicing at over 240 centres across the country with morning and afternoon slots available with our expert technicians.

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What our car services include

ATS Euromaster provides a choice of services:

These types of car services are linked to your car’s mileage and vehicle manufacturer recommended services (over time). In addition to the standard fluid and perishables that you might expect to be changed, our highly skilled technicians carry out a series of additional tests and checks to ensure a long life for your car.

Here’s a quick overview of the differences between an Interim Service, a Full Service and a Major Service. You can find out more detail about each of our car services below.

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
  • FOR LOW MILEAGE DRIVERS (recommended for vehicles driving less than 8000 miles a year)
  • 32 point service inspection
  • Time: no more than 90 minutes
  • Mobil oil and filter change (up to 10 litres of oil*)
  • Full brake inspection with clean and adjustment
  • Engine diagnostics and electronic safety systems test (including warning lights)
  • Essential top-ups (screenwash & power steering fluid)

*Any oil required over 10 litres will be charged extra per litre.

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  • ANNUAL 12 MONTH SERVICE (recommended for vehicles driving more than 8000 miles a year)
  • 46 point service (including everything from the Interim Service)
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Air filter change
  • Transmission oil, clutch fluid check and top-up
  • Key engine component inspections
  • Alignment, suspension and cooling system checks

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  • EVERY 24 MONTHS (recommended for all vehicles irrespective of mileage)
  • Time: 3-4 hours
  • In addition to our Full service you’ll get:
    • A brake fluid change
    • A Techron fuel system cleaner service* (improves emissions and engine performance)
  • And the choice of either:
    • A 1 litre Mobil oil top up pack for the boot OR
    • A 4 litre AdBlue® top up (diesel only)

*Information provided by Chevron Products UK Ltd.  Techron is a Chevron company product.

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Interim Service

ATS Euromaster recommends our 32 point Interim service annually for vehicles driving less than 8000 miles a year.  The service includes all of the vital checks and services that your car needs to annually, such as oil replacement, oil filter replacement, multiple brake and tyre checks.


Full service

ATS Euromaster recommends a Full service annually for vehicles driving more than 8000 miles a year, due to the extra stresses and strains created by the higher than average mileage.

The Full service comprises of 46 checks, including all of the vital checks and services included under the Interim service, as well as extras like:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Clutch fluid top up
  • Powering steering oil top-up
  • Windscreen check for chips and cracks
  • Bonnet catch, boot ad door hinge lubrication

Major service

Our Major service option is an upgrade on the Full service and includes some of the extra and most popular ATS Euromaster services required alongside an annual service.  It includes all the vital checks in a Full service and:

  • a Brake fluid change
  • a Techron performance restorer service1 (i.e. fuel system cleaning treatment that helps to clean, restore and protect your engine's performance)
  • the choice of either a:
    • 1 litre Mobil oil* top-up pack for the boot or
    • a 4 litre AdBlue® top-up (diesel only)

1Information provided by Chevron Products UK Ltd.  Techron is a Chevron company product.
*Subject to Mobil oil making a suitable specification oil.

ATS Euromaster recommends a Major service upgrade is considered every other year irrespective of mileage driven.  This is due to vehicle manufacturers recommending vital services like brake fluid changes every two years, the benefits of a Techron performance restorer service, advantages of having the right oil to top-up with when needed or your AdBlue® tank topped up.  

What quality parts does ATS Euromaster use?

At ATS Euromaster we use parts of matching quality to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer, so your car can have that ‘factory fresh’ feeling and you can be safe in the knowledge your car has been serviced with the right quality parts by highly-trained experts.

To ensure full protection of your vehicle’s warranty we advise that you fully check the Service Package provided by ATS Euromaster to make certain that your car’s warranty remains unaffected.

What engine oil should I use with my car?

Oil is one of the single most important things to regularly check on your car.  This is why it pays to use the correct grade and specification of high quality engine oil like Mobil oil that protects your engine while aiding performance, economy and reducing emissions.

At ATS Euromaster, we offer Mobil oil as part of Vehicle Services.  We supply a range of superior, high quality Mobil oils and lubricants to clean and protect your engine. 

Good quality oil keeps the moving components within the engine able to move freely at the correct speeds and allowing your car’s engine to work properly.

Oil is affected by time, heat and constant use, impacting the protection it provides to the engine.  If left long enough without fresh oil at the correct level, your engine can seize, rendering the engine unable to function at all!

Why should I change my air filter?

Having clean air enter your engine is hugely important to how it operates.  If pollutants like soot or dust particles enter your engine they can damage components like the cylinder heads causing premature wear of the engine.  This is why we change this part on either our Full or Major service.

Why Book an MOT and Service at the Same Time?

While not a legal requirement, having your car serviced can help it pass its MOT, since many of the areas covered are assessed in the MOT.

Many of the checks carried out by ATS Euromaster in our services are perfect for helping your car pass its MOT; areas covered by our expert technicians include (but are not limited to): tyre and brake inspections, interior & exterior lights, horn & wiper blades, all of which are checked in your MOT and can be a cause for failure if not in good, working order.