Changes to EU tyre labelling

Tyre labelling changes will be taking place from the 1st May 2021 in Europe, including in Northern Ireland. Whilst these changes are not yet compulsory elsewhere in the UK, as we follow the current regulations, many tyre manufacturers are choosing to update their tyre labelling in line with the new EU standard.

This means that you may see a mixture of both the old and new tyre labels on your tyres, but don’t worry! The tyres themselves are exactly the same, the changes are only to the tyre labelling.

Here’s a guide to the new tyre label information including a brief overview of what’s changed:


What’s changed?

Most of the information on the new tyre label looks similar to the previous version, but there are a few key changes:

Fuel Efficiency/Rolling Resistance: The performance scale for Fuel Efficiency has been reduced from A-G to A-E meaning there will only be 5 levels of performance.

Wet Grip/Braking Performance: The performance scale for Wet Grip/Braking performance has also been reduced from A-G to A-E meaning there will only be 5 levels of performance.

External Noise: The icon for External Noise will no longer show 1-3 sound waves. Instead, the External Noise performance of the tyre will be classified as either A, B or C. Decibels will continue to be displayed here.


What’s new?

In addition to the changes listed above, some new labelling information has also been added. The additions include:

QR code: This will take you to the European Commission database which will hold the product information sheet for the tyre.

Performance on snow and ice: Two new icons have been added to the label to show how the tyre performs in snow and ice. These are the 3 peak mountain icon (3PMSF) which features a snowflake symbol, and an ice symbol for dedicated Nordic tyres.

If you’re looking for information on the previous current UK tyre labels, please take a look at our Tyre Labelling Tips & Advice page here.