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Seasonal Promotions with Club60

Sign-up to Club60 to receive Exclusive Seasonal Promotions - Simply present your Club60 card at any ATS Euromaster Service Centre.

Holders of Club60 cards are entitled to a Summer Vehicle Inspection at just £17 (saving 15%)! Our summer vehicle inspection checks over 20 points to ensure your vehicle is in a good roadworthy condition for all of those long-haul journeys to the seaside this summer.

Our 20 point inspection will look at your vehicle's:

  • Tyres -- the condition, pressure and tread depth
  • Air-con performance
  • Brakes -- front and rear (visual inspection only)
  • Lights (excludes headlight aim)
  • Horn
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Radiator and fan (for leaks and cutting out)
  • Battery
  • Oil level
  • Other fluid levels (including clutch, power steering, brakes and washer bottles, and top-up if required)
  • Drive belts
  • Wipers

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