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Nankang offer a range of tyres for every season or weather condition for a range of vehicle types providing great value for money. For over 50 years Nankang have aimed to produce tyres for every need and terrain, from ultra-high performance to race and off-road tyres.

Focusing greatly on research and development Nankang constantly innovate and deliver new features to enhance the safety and durability of their tyres always following their company motto "Integrity, Pragmatism, and Innovation".

Popular Patterns


Aimed to provide effective wet grip, enhanced corning and steering ability the AS-1 is a good choice for both comfort and safety.


With its four straight groove pattern design aiming to enhance wet grip and its dual double grooves on the tyre shoulder aimed to divert and balance the force caused when driving thus preventing uneven wears. The CX668 is another great choice for safety and comfort whilst also providing exceptional value for money.

Assured quality

Nankang aim to provide exceptional quality products, as such they have a number of endorsements representing this including; Ford Motor Company Q1 certificate (1987 and 1995), E-MARK certificate (1991), ISO 9001 certificate (1994), QS -9000 certificate (1998), ISO/TS 16949 certificate (2001), Taiwan Excellence award (2012) and AMPA Innovation Award 2 for ECO-2 (2013).