How Much is a Car Service?

When asking 'how much is a car service?' the answer depends on a number of different factors. The car service cost includes what kind of service your vehicle needs, and the make and model of your vehicle. It also comes down to the type of oil used and the size of your engine.


How Much Does a Car Service Cost?

Car service costs at ATS Euromaster vary depending on which service is required and how in-depth the checks are. Car service fees start from:

• £91 for an Interim check
• £160 for a Full check
• £224 for a Major check

You can also buy an MOT for just £25 when you purchase a service at the same time. 

Find your nearest centre from over 250 across the UK and book your Interim, Full or Major car service today. Going for a regular service is the best way to keep your vehicle maintenance costs down and to ensure that it's in working order and roadworthy. 

Car Service Price List

Tyre of service Car service cost
Interim Service Between £91 - £160
Full Service Between £160 - £230
Major Service Between £224 - £288
Service + MOT Cost of Service + £25 MOT


What factors affect car service price? 

• The type of service you need (Interim, Full or Major) 
• The make and model of your vehicle
• The size of your vehicle's engine - an engine smaller than 2.0 litres will usually be cheaper to service 
• Any outstanding vehicle warranty
• Electric cars may cost more to service if specialist parts are needed for replacing

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How much does a Full car service cost?      

A Full Car Service costs from £160 at ATS Euromaster. It is a thorough service of your vehicle, and is recommended every six months. It inspects elements such as vehicle fluids, engine, brake, internal, wheel tyre, exhaust, steering checks and more. Find out more about 'how much is a full car service', including service costs.  Book a Full Car Service with ATS Euromaster now.