Car service costs

The amount your car service will cost depends on a number of different factors. These include what types of car service your vehicle needs, and the type of vehicle you own. It also depends on the type of oil used and the size of your engine.


How much is a car service?

Car Service prices at ATS Euromaster start from £81. Find your nearest centre from over 260 across the UK and book your Interim, Full or Major car service today. 

Car service costs explained

At ATS Euromaster we change a standard price for the different car services. The cost of your car service won't include certain car parts if they need to be replaced. 

What factors affect car service price? 

• The type of service you need (Interim, Full or Major) 
• The make and model of your vehicle
• The size of your vehicle's engine - an engine smaller than 2.0 litres will usually be cheaper to service 
• Any outstanding vehicle warranty
• Electric cars may cost more to service if specialist parts are needed for replacing

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How much does a Full car service cost?      

A Full Car Service at ATS Euromaster starts at £155. It is a thorough service, inspecting vehicle fluids, engine, brake, internal, wheel tyre, exhaust, steering checks and more. Book a Full Car Service with ATS Euromaster now.