What is wheel alignment?

Also referred to as tracking, wheel alignment is a service that corrects the angle of your wheels. Every vehicle’s wheels need to be adjusted to the original manufacturer’s specification.  

When you are driving your car, your steering needs to be in line with your wheels. The wheels may not be entirely straight, so correcting this is necessary for a number of reasons. It will improve your safety on the road, giving you control over your vehicle, and it will save you money. Your wheels are more likely to wear faster if they aren’t aligned, as they will have uneven contact with the road. 

What causes wheels to be misaligned?

Over time, the angle of your wheels can go off-centre. There are a few factors that can cause this: it could be general wear and tear, or that your wheels have suffered from heavy impact or sudden jolting, or that something has come loose in your vehicle’s suspension.  

How often does my car need to be checked for misaligned wheels?

On average, you should get your wheels aligned every 2 to 3 years. If your car is showing you signs that the alignment of your wheels is off, then go for a check-up right away.
H2: When do my wheels need aligning? 

When your wheels aren’t entirely straight, there are usually telltale signs: the vehicle might start to vibrate, veer off from the centre or pull to one side, or become hard to steer.

 Why is wheel alignment important?

Your wheels need to be aligned with your car properly in order for a smooth drive. If your wheels aren’t straight, it’ll make steering a lot harder. 

Imagine riding a bike with a wonky wheel – you’d have a hard time trying to cycle in a straight line, as the handlebars wouldn’t be able to direct the wheels properly. It’s the same as driving a car – your wheel can’t accurately steer car tyres that aren’t straight. Now imagine having misaligned wheels when going round a bend or braking… it’s especially difficult to control the vehicle. What’s more, your car will probably be using more fuel, as it’s working harder and using more power. 

How do I get my wheels aligned? 

If you think your vehicle’s wheels need aligning, find your nearest test centre and take it into us. We will happily check your wheels and let you know if they need correcting before you book anything.  

Types of wheel alignment

We offer two types of alignment, laser and computerised/digital. 
•    Laser aligns your wheels according to manufacturer guidelines. Using laser technology, the front wheels are centred in line correctly so your tyres last longer.
•    Computerised/digital alignment is highly accurate technology which adjusts your tyres to the manufacturer’s original positioning. This method allows you to digitally view your vehicle’s tyres being adjusted, with before and after alignments. 

How much does an alignment cost? 

At ATS Euromaster, prices start from £50 to get a wheel laser alignment. It costs £50 for a computerised front wheel alignment and £68 for a computerised 4-wheel alignment.