When does a car need an MOT? 

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is required annually on vehicles 3 years or older and needs to be renewed every year.

The renewal process involves visiting an MOT-accredited garage or centre and having your car checked top to bottom. Want to know what’s checked in an MOT inspection? Refer to our article on the topic for the full lowdown. 

New car MOT – is it always after the first 3 years?

If you’re driving a 9-seater or larger, you’ll need to take the test after a single year and renew it annually from there. 
Cars that are 40 years and older are exempt from the test, as are tractors and electric-powered goods vehicles. 

In all other instances, new car MOT applies. 

Where should the MOT be performed? 

The test should be performed at an MOT-accredited garage/facility. ATS Euromaster has 160 facilities throughout the UK performing this function.

If there is something wrong with your car, and the MOT is withheld, it’s a good idea to have the repairs undertaken at the same garage. That way you can have the test taken again without having to pay for it. 

A final tip: you can discover your car’s MOT history – and the expiry date of the current certificate – on the GOV.uk site