What is Tyre Switching?

Tyre switching, or tyre rotation, is the act of moving tyres from one position to another on your vehicle in order to prolong their life by encouraging more even wear. It used to be recommended to rotate your tyres periodically, but this is no longer the case.

When is Tyre Switching a good idea?*

When replacing two tyres on your vehicle, we recommend fitting the new tyres to the rear and moving your partially worn tyres to the front. Tyres at the front of a vehicle often wear out faster than the ones at the rear. By switching/rotating tyres when getting a new pair, you can get the most life out of your tyres. 

This will also help provide the kind of road handling you’re used to and easier control of your vehicle in slippery conditions, as your best performing Tyres will be on the rear (where you can’t compensate for slippery conditions by steering).  

It’s worth noting that fitting your old rear tyres to the front of your vehicle will incur an additional fitting charge, but the handling and performance benefits often outweigh the cost.

Is Tyre Switching right for me?

Sometimes it’s not possible to move your rear tyres to the front of your vehicle – for example, if your front and rear axles have different tyre sizes. Your local Centre can help to advise you if you’re not sure if tyre switching is suitable for your vehicle.

*Please note that this advice is applicable to front wheel drive vehicles, which make up the majority of light vehicles on UK roads. For rear wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles this advice can vary, ask one of our experts for further advice and information.