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BRIDGESTONE D687 225/65 R17 tyre
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BRIDGESTONE D687 225/65 R17 tyre


Fully fitted price per tyre
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
- 71 dB
Noise (value)

The Dueler H/T D687 is a highway terrain tyre for recreational vehicles, offering superior dry and wet road performance without sacrificing riding comfort.

Its unique tread pattern gives excellent handling stability and 'sedan-like' comfort. It is an original equipment (OE) tyre on a range of popular recreational vehicles, such as Toyota RAV4, Mazda Tribute and Subaru Forester.

Key Features:

Braking: Excellent braking capability to increase safety.

Low noise: Tyre designed to reduce noise.

Ride comfort:
Provides a smooth, comfortable ride.

Wet performance:
Exceptional handling in hazardous, wet conditions.

Tyre Technical Ratings

  • Braking in dry conditions : 10 /10
  • Braking in wet conditions : 4.8 /10
  • Grip in wet conditions : N/A
  • Aquaplaning resistance : N/A
  • Tyre noise level : 6.4 /10
  • Handling : N/A
  • Ride quality : N/A
  • Tyre wear : N/A
  • Rolling resistance : 5.8 /10
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