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Image for 175/70TR13 PIR CINTURATO P4TL from ATS Euromaster
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Image for 175/70TR13 PIR CINTURATO P4TL from ATS Euromaster


175 / 70 R13 82 T
SUMMER summer

PIRELLI CINTURATO P4 175 / 70 R13 82 T

Fully fitted price per tyre
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
70 dB
Noise (value)

Features and Benefits

- Energy Efficient: low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption with consequent savings for the consumer and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

- Clean Air: new tread compounds with no high aromatic oils avoid the dispersion of substances potentially hazardous for the environment through tyre wear.

- High Mileage: the higher mileage achievable brings direct savings to the consumer. Making a tyre last longer also means producing fewer tyres with numerous benefits in terms of raw material, water and energy savings, lower pollutant emissions and reduced impact of disposal.

- Asymmetrical profile to increase grip on corners and provide astonishing road holding in both the wet and dry.

- Wider blocks on the outer shoulder to guarantee extreme stability on corners and smaller blocks on the inside to disperse water along with wide centre grooves to provide excellent water drainage.

- The Cinturato P4 is original equipment for leading manufactures such as Mercedes, Peugeot and Volkswagen.

Tyre Technical Ratings

  • Braking in dry conditions : 6.5 /10
  • Braking in wet conditions : 4 /10
  • Grip in wet conditions : 8.8 /10
  • Aquaplaning resistance : 9.3 /10
  • Tyre noise level : 3.3 /10
  • Handling : 8.9 /10
  • Ride quality : N/A
  • Tyre wear : 10 /10
  • Rolling resistance : 3.3 /10
Tyre rating testing information