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PIRELLI P ZERO CORSA 235/35 R19 tyre
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PIRELLI P ZERO CORSA 235/35 R19 tyre


235 / 35 R19 91 Y
SUMMER summer
Extra Load
Homologated for L
Fully fitted price per tyre
Fuel efficiency
Wet grip
72 dB
Noise (value)

The P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico System combines a Directional tyre (front axle fitment) with an Asymmetric tyre (rear axle fitment).

The Asymmetric tyre features longitudinal grooves that reduce the risk of aquaplaning, whilst the wide outer shoulder with its narrow grooves enhances road holding when cornering.

Developed from Pirelli's motorsport activities, P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico is made with a 'racing-type' compound. It combines exceptional steering precision, excellent braking and good performance in the wet.

P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico features a wide and stable contact area with improved rigidity and can with stand extreme levels of handling in all situations.

Tyre Technical Ratings

  • Aquaplaning resistance : N/A
  • Braking in dry conditions : N/A
  • Braking in wet conditions : N/A
  • Grip in wet conditions : N/A
  • Tyre noise level : N/A
  • Handling : N/A
  • Ride quality : N/A
  • Tyre wear : N/A
  • Rolling resistance : N/A
Tyre rating testing information