What wiper blades do I need for my car?

Having a working pair of wiper blades on your car is crucial – especially if you’re living in the UK, where it rains on average 160 days out of the year.

Your windscreen wipers have many useful functions. Not only are they good for rain and snow, but they can also wash your windscreen and clear anything blocking your view, like leaves or insects. If anything is obstructing your view when you’re on the road, be it rain or debris, it can be dangerous and cause road accidents.  

If you think your windscreen wipers may be faulty or broken, you should get them checked right away. 

How do I know which wipers to choose?  

There are 2 main types of wiper blades:

Conventional blades

These are the most common type of wipers. They are straight wipers with a rubber attached to a metal blade. These blades don’t make full contact with the windscreen due to their straighter shape. 

Flat blades

These wipers are more curved in shape and come into closer contact with the windscreen. They usually do a more thorough job at cleaning and can replace conventional blades if you wish to change to these ones. 

Getting your wipers fitted

At ATS Euromaster, we’re more than happy to help you find the correct wiper blades. Take advantage of our free windscreen wiper blade fitting when you book online.  

Another way you can find the right wipers is by taking a look in your vehicle’s handbook. Here, it should tell you which size wipers you’ll need and the type that is best suited to your car.  

Generally, your wipers will be a specific size and fit to your vehicle’s particular make and model. If you can’t find which type you need, try contacting your car’s manufacturer and asking them – they should be able to advise you. 

It is important to check your wipers regularly because they will weaken over time. If you notice your windscreen isn’t being cleaned thoroughly, it is usually a good indication to get them changed. Test them by washing your windscreen and cleaning the liquid away with the wipers.

If the windscreen smudges, there are large gaps that haven’t been cleaned, or the liquid hasn’t been completely cleared, then they aren’t operating properly. What’s more – your vehicle will fail its MOT if the wipers are faulty.