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Uniroyal Rain Expert
Uniroyal Rallye 4x4 Street
Uniroyal Rain Expert
  • Protection against aquaplaning
  • Shorter braking distances
  • High mileage
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
71 dB
Labelling information relates to the following tyre size 205/55/15
Uniroyal Rallye 4x4 Street
  • Good driving stability and short braking distances thanks to silica compound
  • Aquaplaning protection provided by the double V water displacement system
  • Good traction, even on off-road conditions
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
71 dB
Labelling information relates to the following tyre size 205/70/15

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Why Choose Uniroyal Tyres

Uniroyal are synonymous with top quality rain tyre technology. All new products are uncompromisingly designed to provide optimum performance and safety in the wet. In over 30 years this has enabled Uniroyal to establish its unique market position as "The Rain Tyre".

As the pioneer of the rain tyre, Uniroyal uses a range of wet weather tyre technology and has its products undergo extensive testing to ensure they live up to expectations.

If you think that a rain tyre would suit your driving then ATS Euromaster might have a set to suit you, regardless of the size or type of your car.

Our most popular Uniroyal tyres

Rainsport 3 - As the name suggests, this tyre is great for use in wet weather. It offers excellent protection against aquaplaning as water is channelled through its longitudinal grooves. The tyre also offers excellent grip when driving around corners and short braking distances. It will not produce much interior noise either.

Rain Expert -If you drive a compact car then this tyre is an excellent choice for you. It offers excellent traction in both dry and wet conditions, offering great protection against aquaplaning, short braking distances and a high degree of safety if you find you need to stop or turn quickly. This tyre is built to have a long lifespan.

Rallye 4x4 Street - A great choice if you are driving an SUV, executive or luxury car. This tyre boasts fantastic performance whether operating in wet or dry weather. Because of a special silica compound that it contains, this tyre offers great stability and short braking distances. It also has good traction in light off-road conditions because of its robust design.

Getting the right tyres for you at ATS Euromaster

To get more information on Uniroyal tyres and find the right set for you, try out our 'Find Your Tyres' selector or head down to your nearest ATS Euromaster centre where one of our technicians can help you choose the right tyre for you and get it fitted properly.

About Uniroyal

Uniroyal has been in operation for 130 years as a rubber goods business, in which time it has developed to become a reputable tyre manufacturer that is recognised around the world.

The company released the first ever rain tyre in the world in 1969, the Rallye 180, and has since gone from strength to strength in designing such tyres for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. 

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