EV and Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid & Electric Car Services

Regular services and maintenance for your hybrid or electric vehicle can help maximise its performance and aid longevity. Plus, frequent hybrid or electric car services and checks can help identify and resolve faults before they become major issues.

Here at ATS Euromaster, we know how important it is to help you stay safe on the road, especially as hybrid and electric vehicles are increasing in popularity. This is why our technicians are hybrid and electric car specialists who can provide the following services for electric or hybrid cars:

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Hybrid & EV MOTs

Hybrid and EV MOT requirements are the same as petrol and diesel cars. Once a hybrid or electric vehicle is three years old, you must get it MOT'd annually and you have to hold a valid MOT certificate to be able to legally drive on the road.

MOTs for EVs, hybrids and petrol and diesel vehicles check the same components and need to pass the same tests. The only exception to this is that EV MOTs don't involve an emissions test as they don't produce the gases that hybrid, petrol and diesel vehicles do.

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Hybrid Car Servicing

Hybrid car servicing is an in-depth, routine check of your vehicle's health. It is designed to help keep your car efficient and roadworthy  

A hybrid service includes the same checks as a regular car service, and also involves assessing the condition of the electric system. 

Servicing for hybrid cars is available at selected ATS Euromaster centres. Please use our search tool below to book a hybrid car service near you

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Other Hybrid & Electric Car Services

In addition to hybrid and EV MOTs and hybrid car services, our electric car specialists can carry out other maintenance for your hybrid or electric car.

Most hybrid and electric car services are identical to services for petrol and diesel vehicles, such as tyre fitting, wheel alignment and air conditioning maintenance. However, the following services have some slight differences.

Oil & Filter Changes

This service is only available for hybrid cars as electric vehicles don't need oil to run. Oil and filter changes for hybrid cars include five additional checks that relate to vehicle safety.

Hybrid and electric car maintenance that involves brakes can include work on the brake pads, discs, drums and sensors. It won't include brake fluid, pipe-work, calipers or servo.


Servicing the suspension on electric and hybrid cars is very similar to standard suspension checks and repair. However, only specially trained technicians can carry out work close to the HV cables that are found within the wheel arches of hybrids and EVs. Please contact your local Centre for details.

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