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Our standard Laser Wheel Alignment will ensure your front wheels are adjusted to the recommended settings and parallel to each other so your vehicle will travel in a straight line on a level road.




Ensures your wheels are adjusted to the manufacturer's original specification with the highest degree of accuracy for one axle adjustment (front OR rear).




Ensures your wheels are adjusted to the manufacturer's original specification with the highest degree of accuracy. Discounted price to adjust both axles (front AND rear) of the vehicle.



What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as tracking, is a vehicle maintenance service that involves correcting the angles of the wheels so that they are accurately re-set to the original manufactures specification to ensure even tyre wear and improved handling.

Driving over potholes, speed bumps or kerbs can knock your wheel alignment out. This can lead to uneven wear on your tyres and it could feel like your car is 'pulling' to one side. This in turn can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and premature wear on your tyres.

Correct wheel alignment ensures that the tyres are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other so that on a level and straight road your car will travel in a straight line. ATS understand the importance of this, and offers a standard wheel alignment service for just £36.99

Wheel alignment or tracking is one of the key tyre maintenance factors to ensure optimum performance, even tyre wear, and a maximised tyre life. An accurate alignment also provides safe and predictable vehicle control and road holding alongside a smoother and more comfortable ride.

ATS Euromaster offer computerised wheel alignment, 2-wheel front axel adjustment and 4-wheel front and rear axle adjustment.

Computerised Wheel Alignment

Our high-quality computerised alignment equipment ensures your wheel alignment is adjusted to the manufacturer's original specification with the highest degree of accuracy. We will show you the current alignment readings on your car and advise you if it requires aligning or not.

If it does, you will be able to view the adjustments we make every step of the way on screen in reception, and we can even provide you a before and after print out if you wish too.

Toe Alignment

  • Toe is a measurement of how much a pair of wheels are turned in or out from a straight ahead position.
  • We can test toe alignment on the front wheels alone or the front and rear wheels.
  • You will feel your car ‘pulling’ to one side if the toe alignment is out.

Camber Alignment

  • Camber is the vertical tilt of the wheel
  • If the camber is out of alignment it will cause the tyre tread to wear excessively on the edge
  • If the camber is different from wheel to wheel it can cause your vehicle to pull to one side
  • Camber misalignment may not be adjustable on all cars. If the camber alignment is out on these vehicles it may indicate that something is worn or bent and should be inspected more closely.

Caster Alignment

  • Caster alignment is the angle of the steering pivot when viewed from the side of the vehicle
  • Caster has little affect on tyre wear, but it affects steering stability
  • If the caster is out of adjustment, it can cause problems in straight line tracking
  • If the caster is equal but too negative, the steering will be light and the vehicle will wander
  • If the caster is equal but too positive, the steering will be heavy and the steering wheel may kick when you hit a bump.
Mobile Tyre Fitting

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Wheel Balance

Incorrect balancing also causes premature wear of tyres and rapid wear of suspension parts.

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Driving over potholes can knock tracking and wheel balancing. Our free wheel allignment check will indentify any issues. 

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