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Michelin Cross Climate
Michelin Energy Saver+
Michelin Pilot Sport 4
Michelin Primacy 3
Michelin Cross Climate
  • Fusion of an intelligent new mix of compounds
  • Innovative association of bevel-edged tread blocks with higher performing sipes
  • Combination of a unique v-shaped tread pattern with new higher-performing sipes
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
68 dB
Michelin Energy Saver+
  • Safety in the wet due to new generation 100% silica-based rubber compound
  • Safety and longevity due to the Durable Security Compound
  • Outstanding longevity due to a mixing process exclusive to Michelin
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
70 dB
Michelin Pilot Sport 4
  • Excellent steering control and high level of reactivity
  • High level of safety on wet roads
  • Michelin's excellence in longevity
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
71 dB
Michelin Primacy 3
  • New Patented Compound, optimises grip on wet and dry road surfaces to provide shorter braking distances
  • Optimised Tread Design, large contact area leading to even tread wear, maximum safety and a longer lifespan
 Fuel Efficiency
 Wet Grip Performance
 Noise Levels
69 dB
*Tyre labelling may differ depending on the tyre size and pattern.

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Why Choose Michelin Car Tyres

Providing Quality & Industry Innovation

The Michelin brand is a popular choice amongst vehicle manufacturers’ for original equipment, professional race car drivers and consumers.Michelin tyres regularly top independent tyre reviews for handling and wear adding to the brand’s reputation for fuel saving, reliability and high performance: MICHELIN Total Performance.

As innovators in the tyre and rubber manufacturing industry, Michelin Tyre plc helped to develop the removable tyre, the radial tyre, “green” low-rolling resistance tyres and run-flat tyres. They also offer an extensive range of publications and online mapping tools. Michelin employs roughly 4,000 specialists, making their research and development department one of the largest in the tyre industry.

Our Most Popular Michelin Tyre Ranges

Michelin CrossClimate - The newest innovation from Michelin, these are the first summer tyres to come with a winter certification helping you keep safe in all weather conditions whilst providing the added simplicity of having one tyre all year long.

Michelin Energy Saver+ - suitable for city cars, MPVs and saloons, offering fuel efficiency, low rolling resistance, exceptional road grip and reduced braking distances of up to 3 metres. The patented asymmetric tread pattern and Michelin's exclusive silica compound ensures that tyres last up to 6,000 miles longer than the average.

Michelin Primacy HP - designed for high performance saloons, this range is widely favoured by many vehicle manufacturers with over 150 original equipment approvals. Produced with Michelin's innovative tread compound, you can expect excellent tread life, low noise levels, shorter braking distances, improved fuel economy and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 - aimed at sporty vehicles and high-powered saloons, these tyres offer an enhanced driving experience and extremely precise steering. Made from a revolutionary rubber compound exclusive to Michelin, these tyres have excellent wet grip and incredible control on slippery road surfaces.

Supplying Drivers With The Right Tyres At ATS Euromaster

ATS Euromaster are proud to provide Michelin Car, 4x4, Winter and Summer tyre ranges in our service centres throughout the UK.

For further information on Michelin tyres, use our ‘Find Your Tyres’ selector or visit your local ATS Euromaster centre where tyre experts will help select the right tyre for your vehicle and ensure that they are fitted correctly.

Benefits of Michelin Tyres

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Wet braking distancesWet braking distances

About Michelin

Michelin is one of the largest, most widely known and respected tyre manufacturers in the world. The company was set up in the Auvergne region, France in 1889 by two brothers; André and Edouard Michelin. Michelin now operates in over 170 countries worldwide, producing quality tyres for space shuttles, aircraft, cars, buses, vans, HGV’s, heavy plant equipment, motorcycles and bicycles.

Michelin has been operating in the UK since 1905 and is the leading UK tyre manufacturer,producing quality bus, truck and car tyres in their Ballymena and Dundee factories for over 40 years. ATS Euromaster is proud to be part of the Michelin Group.

Michelin Tyres: Buy Online Today Videos

Michelin News | Energy Saver, Pilot Sport & Primacy News
Michelin CrossClimate Tyre revolutionises tyre market


For years, experts have advised that in the colder months, drivers should be changing their tyres to dedicated winter tyres, thanks to the fact they offer better grip in cold weather conditions. This is due to features like special rubber compounds to resist hardening when the temperature drops below 7C and optimised tread patterns for … Continue reading Michelin CrossClimate Tyre revolutionises tyre market

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Safe braking distances: Michelin


Braking safely is something that all drivers learn about before passing their test, and part of your theory test will even cover safe braking distances to minimise accidents when you need to hit the brakes in an emergency situation.  There are a number of different factors to consider when it comes to braking and knowing … Continue reading Safe braking distances: Michelin

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Why choose winter tyres from Michelin?


With winter fast approaching, you may be thinking about changing to winter tyres to ensure you stay safe on the roads. A brand like Michelin has a reputation for providing some of the best tyres on the market. The question is, how does its winter range stack up and is it worth choosing them? The … Continue reading Why choose winter tyres from Michelin?

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