Avon tyres at ATS Euromaster

Avon's  100 years of tyre-making experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology.  Designed, developed and tested here in the UK Avon tyres undergo a punishing test regime paving the way for unparalleled quality and ability. So if you're after tyres that can confidently shrug off the elements, tyres that help make driving a pleasure rather than a chore, ask for Avon.


Our most popular Avon tyres

Avon ZZ5 -  an ultra-high performance tyre for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars. “A” rated for wet grip thanks to its silica tread compound, the ZZ5 also delivers crisp, predictable handling.

Avon ZT5 -  a modern pattern with a wide range of fitments for family cars. The ZT5 has been designed to offer good steering response and quiet running.

Avon ZV7 - A high performance tyre combining safety and performance with its “A” rating for wet grip. The ZV7 benefits from large circumferential grooves to clear water quickly and help reduce aquaplaning.

  • ZT5
  • ZV7