Unsure when your MOT is due? Use our free MOT reminder service 

Worried about forgetting when your car’s MOT is due? Make it one less thing to remember with our free MOT reminder service, which automatically sends you an email or text four weeks before your car’s MOT is due for renewal with a follow-up two weeks before the test.

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When does my MOT run out? How can I find out when my MOT is due?

Most MOTs take place during March and September, but your car may need an MOT at any time of year.

You can find out exactly when your car’s MOT is due by checking your car’s previous MOT certificate or by using the government’s Check MOT Status Tool to find out when your MOT is due.

You can book an MOT for your car any time up to a month before the due date. Read our blog to learn more about how early you can book your MOT

Benefits of an Automatic MOT Reminder Service 

Do you get a reminder for your MOT expiry? ATS Euromaster provides a free, automatic MOT reminder service so you'll never forget your MOT due date. 
Sending you an MOT reminder via text or email four weeks before your MOT is due, our MOT reminder service has numerous benefits: 
1. Booking in advance gives you greater opportunity to find dates and times that work for you, avoiding the stress of being stuck with an expired MOT if all the slots are full. 
2. You can peform pre-MOT checks to prevent common MOT failures that can easily be remedied at home, such as a messy cabin or you've run out of screenwash. 
3. You'll have more time to fix any major problems flagged in your MOT test, and book a retest before your MOT expires. This means you're less likely to be stuck with a car that isn't roadworthy in the run up to your MOT retest. 
Driving without an MOT is illegal and can incur a fine of up to £1000. Sign up to our free MOT reminder service to ensure you can stay on the roads, safely and legally.

How to Cancel Your MOT Reminder Service 

Our automatic MOT reminder service ensures you don't forget your MOT, giving you time to book a suitable date/time for your MOT test, perform a pre-check of common MOT failures and repair any problems flagged before your MOT expires. 

If you do wish to cancel your MOT reminder service, simply contact ATS Euromaster directly via phone or email and inform us you'd like to opt out of MOT reminders. 

If your MOT due date is approaching, book an MOT test today with ATS Euromaster.