Steering & Suspension

Car Suspension Checks and Repair

Car suspension plays a vital role in keeping both you and other road users safe. Suspension damage is not only a potential reason for MOT failure, but it can also make your car dangerous to drive on the road due to unpredictable handling. 

Issues with your car’s suspension are not necessarily entirely down to physical damage, but might also be as a result of wear from everyday use. 

‚ÄčA free suspension check at ATS Euromaster will ensure that your vehicle is safe for the roads. We will check all the vital suspension components, including the car shock absorbers and suspension springs.

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Common car suspension problems 

Look out for these simple characteristics when driving to see if your car’s suspension may need to be checked:

  • Loss of grip
  • Heavy turning in corners
  • ‘Bouncing’ (or the nose of your car ‘ducking’) under breaking
  • Swaying in side winds
  • Travel sickness

Read our blog to learn more about common signs of car suspension problems

Free suspension checks 

At ATS Euromaster we carry out free checks on your core suspension components to make sure that your car is safe to drive and road legal.

Car suspension checks are recommended annually so you can spot any potential issues before they lead to potentially larger and costlier to repair problems. However, if you have any doubt about your suspension’s current performance or notice any signs of suspension problems, we recommend booking a free check with our experts as soon as possible.

Because there are a several components that make up your car’s suspension, each part has to be checked to make sure your car is roadworthy. The checks also look for any signs of leaking, damage or corrosion that may have an impact on the car’s performance. Any of these can negatively affect your car’s ability to corner or brake effectively, as well as your tyre wear and fuel economy. 

Car suspension repair costs will depend on which components need repairing or replacing.

Shock absorber replacement cost

Shock absorber replacement costs for cars can land anywhere from £150-£500, depending on the type, make and model of your car.

Shock absorbers are a crucial part of your car suspension system, as they help to absorb energy from bumps in the road while also maintaining friction between the road and your tyres. If your front shock absorbers are overly worn or faulty, they will not be able to perform properly, negatively impacting the smoothness and stability of your ride. 

If you think your car shock absorbers may need replacing, you should have them checked immediately. You can visit your local ATS centre for a free suspension check and, if necessary, our trusted mechanics can provide suspension repairs and advise on a shock absorber replacement price.

How long does it take to fit shock absorbers?

Generally, shock absorber replacement or fitting should take less than an hour. However, the time it takes a mechanic to fit a car shock absorber may vary depending on the type, make and model of your car.

Coil spring replacement cost

Coil spring replacement costs are generally between £100-£300, but prices can vary depending on the type, make and model of your car.

Coil spring suspension is a type of car suspension that uses coil springs and is the most popular type of suspension system used in most modern cars. The job of car coil springs is to absorb energy when you hit a bump by compressing and reducing the vibrations felt in the car. Most cars have front and rear coil springs, one for each wheel of the car. If one of your coil springs is broken or faulty, the car will sit at an angle, causing uneven tyre wear and a rough or bumpy ride.

If you do notice your car is sitting unevenly, or any other signs of suspension problems, you should take your car to be checked by a professional immediately. ATS offer free suspension checks, and our expert mechanics provide replacement and repair services. Find your local ATS centre and book today.

*We do not carry out ADAS calibration on your vehicle, this is recommended after having a Steering & Suspension work carried out.