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Car Air Conditioning Services

We offer both an Air con recharge/regas and Anti-bacterial clean services to ensure your vehicles air conditioning system is running as cool & as efficiently as possible. We recommend having your car air conditioning system checked and serviced with gas and lubricant every two years for optimal performance. 

We have over 260 centres that carry out air conditioning services throughout the UK so you can be sure to find an air con recharge capable centre near you.

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  • Book your car Air Conditioning Recharge online today. It Is Recommended to do this every 2 years to keep it running efficiently. *This service uses R134A refrigerant gas
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  • Have you had your car Air Conditioning off for a while? Does it not smell as fresh as it should? Freshen up with ATS Euromaster's Air Con Anti-bacterial clean.
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  • Save money with our combined Air Conditioning Regas and Anti-Bacterial Clean special offer. *This service uses R134A refrigerant gas
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Hourly air con appointments near you

We have over 260 centres throughout the UK with hourly air con appointments available. Just select a date and time that suits you.

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Over 50 years of expertise

We have years of experience providing air con services using the latest equipment available. You're in good hands.


Regas & Clean Combo Offer

Save money with our combined regas & clean offer. Perfect for the summer heat!

Book A car air conditioning recharge/regas near you

For a fresh car throughout the year, you need to ensure that the air conditioning system is in full, working order. If you think your air conditioning could be in need of a regas, there are some common tell-tale signs that you need to look out for, including when the vents stop blowing cold air.

More often than not, this is the first sign your car is due an air conditioning re-gas. Our expert technicians check the air conditioning system oil and refrigerant levels in line with the manufacturer's recommendations to make it as good as new.

Worried your air cons not working? Here are the most common signs

At ATS Euromaster, our expert technicians conduct free air conditioning temperature checks to ensure that your system is working correctly. If it is, there's nothing to pay! If you need your air con recharged or an anti-bacterial clean, we can carry out the work while you wait. It doesn’t take long and once it's done, your system will keep you cool for around another two years.

Look out for a musty smell coming from your car's air conditioning; this is especially common if your air-con hasn't been used for long periods and usually means that your system is in need of an anti-bacterial treatment to remove and help prevent further bacteria build up in your system components in the near future. 

We have over 260 centres that carry out air conditioning services throughout the UK so you can be sure to find an air con recharge capable centre near you.

*The air conditioning regas services offered online are for vehicles using R134A refrigerant only. We can provide a regas service for vehicles using R1234YF refrigerant at selected Centres  - please click here to find a Centre. Please check your vehicle handbook to identify which air conditioning refrigerant your vehicle requires.