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    Have you had your car Air Conditioning off for a while? Does it not smell as fresh as it should? Freshen up with ATS Euromaster's Air Con Anti-bacterial clean.

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    Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Service at ATS Euromaster

    Air conditioning units are prone to accumulating bacteria and dirt through every day use, as well as after long periods without use, which can impact its effectiveness.

    The first sign you might notice of this is a persistent smell coming from your car’s air conditioning system. In some cases this smell might go after a short period of having run the fans, this is especially common if the air conditioning has not been used for a while. In some cases this bacteria build-up will need to be cleaned from the system, which is why we offer our anti-bacterial cleaning service.

     An air conditioning anti-bacterial clean restores your car's air conditioning filters, bringing back the crisp, cool air that should be coming out from your vents.

    Why do I need an anti-bacterial clean for my air conditioning? 

    As well as picking up dirt from the outside of the car, bacteria can build up in the air conditioning filters over time if the system goes unused. This is common for a lot of motorists who do not get the most from their air conditioning over the winter. Often this means when the air conditioning is used for the first time again in the spring or summer it comes with a musty or unpleasant smell.

    An anti-bacterial clean will make sure that your car’s air conditioning filters are clean and up to standard so you can enjoy crisp and cooling air conditioning all year round.

    As part of the service our expert technicians will check your Air Conditioning lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation and remove any bacteria and build up on your filters.

    If your system needs recharging, we can carry out the work while you wait. Plus, get a free air conditioning temperature test.

    Keep your car in good condition all year round with our Car Maintenance tips.

    How often should I have an anti-bacterial air conditioning clean? 

    Usually the first signs that you are in need of having your car’s air conditioning system cleaned are when you notice issues in the way that your air con runs. Unusual smells coming from the system are usually a good sign that your filter needs to be cleaned, however in some circumstances you might even notice a dip in fuel economy as well.

    Don’t think this is what’s wrong with your car’s air conditioning? See our regas/ recharge service to see if that could solve your air con problem.

    *Price excludes hybrid and electric vehicles.
    *Our air conditioning regas service is for vehicles using R134A refrigerant only. We do not currently provide a regas service for vehicles using R1234YF refrigerant. Please check your vehicle handbook to identify which air conditioning refrigerant your vehicle requires.


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