Ozone Generator Disinfectant Service

We all want reassurance that our vehicles are as clean and free from viruses and bacteria as possible. The Ozone Generator produces its own ozone in order to neutralise viruses and bacteria, in addition to removing odours. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete (for vans) and 20 minutes or less for cars and SUVs, so can be performed while you wait.

  • The Ozone Generator Disinfectant Treatment helps to neutralise viruses and bacteria in your vehicle.
    Fully inclusive price



Does Ozone kill Coronavirus/Covid-19?

Most people use Coronavirus and Covid-19 interchangeably so this is not a straightforward issue. The Ozone Generator has been tested and found to be an effective disinfectant against both bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses but it has not yet been specifically tested against Covid-19. Whilst Ozone has not been tested specifically against the Covid-19 virus, Covid-19 shares a common structure with other coronaviruses and the Ozone has been found to be effective against them.


How long will the treatment take to complete?

For Cars up to Family Saloons (mid-size cars) there will be 2 minutes of generator time, a 2 minute wait and 15 minutes of ventilation time. SUVs (large cars) will require 3 minutes of generator time, a 2 minute wait and 15 minutes of ventilation time. For vans, 5 minutes of generator time is required, followed by a 2 minute wait and 20 minutes of ventilation.


Is it safe for me, my family and pets I take in the car?

Yes, once the ventilation period has been adhered to, it is safe for the vehicle to be driven.


What do I need to do to prepare for the treatment?

Please make sure that you remove any organic material such as food, drink or fresh flowers from your vehicle before the treatment. We also ask that you remove baby bottles and dummies etc from your vehicle.