Digital Vehicle Health Check at ATS Euromaster

When your car breaks down, the hassle is not just limited to waiting for the recovery truck to arrive.  Follow-up repairs are often necessary meaning more time and expense, and if the car cannot be fixed straight away, you'll need to find alternative transport.

But they can potentially be avoided with a FREE Digital Vehicle Health Check (DVHC) from ATS Euromaster.

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The FREE Digital Vehicle Health Check (DVHC) from ATS Euromaster takes around 30 minutes, can be booked at any of our servicing centres and includes:

✓    Tyre tread depth, pressure and condition checks
✓    Windscreen washers and wipers operation check
✓    Dashboard warning light check
✓    Air conditioning system operation check (if applicable)
✓    Visual lights condition check
✓    Oil level check
✓    Battery charge test and visual condition check
✓    Front brake system components check* (including a brake fluid condition and level check)
✓    Visual exhaust system components check**
✓    Visual suspension system components check**

*Where the wheels have been removed.  ** We will visually check these components for damage or wear (not their operation) if we are able to get sufficient access to inspect them properly (e.g. the vehicle is on a ramp).

Whilst breakdown assistance can cover some of the inconvenience arising from a breakdown, prevention is better than cure. We appreciate that not everyone is able to check their vehicle as often as they would like.  But a large number of all breakdowns are due to problems which can be avoided and potentially be picked up by a Free DVHC from ATS Euromaster.

At the end of the DVHC process we’ll send you a pdf of the form via email to keep with your other vehicle maintenance records.

Terms and Conditions / Disclaimer
The DVHC is limited to the visual inspections and/or checks detailed above.  It is not a comprehensive safety check and is not intended to impose upon ATS Euromaster any warranty implied or otherwise as to the road-worthiness, safety or condition of the vehicle.  If we are unable to complete any checks for any reason, this will be reflected in your digital copy of the Vehicle Health Check form.  Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions.  Any components removed / refitted to a vehicle will be tightened to the manufacturer’s specified torque.