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You never know when you might get caught out in a downpour, and making sure your car's windscreen wiper blades are in good, working condition can help you be as safe as possible on the road when the inevitable happens.

It is recommended to change your wiper blades every 12 months to ensure the maximum visibility, or more often still for higher mileage drivers.

Fitting Windscreen Wiper Blades 

At ATS Euromaster we provide free fitting for windscreen wiper blades when booked online* and use original equipment quality wiper blades or higher, meaning the parts you get are at least as good as the ones used by the original manufacturer. We’ll also make sure we select exactly the right kind of wiper blades for your vehicle so you can be sure you’re getting the best wipers for your windscreen as possible.

*If your vehicle requires additional specific equipment for wiper blade fitting, we reserve the right to make an additional charge to cover the difference.

Signs wiper blades need replacing

There are usually indicators to look out for when your wiper blades are becoming less effective that might mean it’s time for you to consider a replacement. These include:

  • Skipping/ hopping/ juddering across the windscreen
  • Wipers not clearing the entire screen
  • Water streaks on the windscreen
  • Wipers missing the windscreen altogether
  • Squeaking/ squealing noises


​​​​​​​Are working windscreen wipers a legal requirement? 

Your windscreen wipers are assessed during their annual MOT test to check their effectiveness at clearing the screen. If they cannot clear water from the windscreen effectively enough they are deemed an MOT failure.

Your car's washer fluid levels are also tested during an MOT, so it is advised to check that your car’s washer fluid levels are topped up before taking your car in for its MOT test.