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Wheel alignment (sometimes referred to as tracking) is a service that involves correcting the angles of your wheels so that they are accurately re-set to the original manufacturer's specification. You may need to have your wheels aligned if your car has recently had knock or impact, such as going through a deep pothole.

At ATS Euromaster we are happy to provide you with a choice of wheel alignment options so you can find the best value solution for you and your vehicle. You can choose from our standard laser wheel alignment for your front axle or computerised alignment for front and rear axles for more accurate adjustments to bring your car back to its original factory settings.

  • Extend the life of your tyres and avoid premature wear - get your front axle tracking adjusted today.
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  • Front axle wheel alignment using the latest computerised equipment. Book online today.
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  • Front and rear axle wheel alignment using the latest computerised equipment. Book online today.
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What is wheel alignment? 

Wheel alignment dictates the angles at which your car makes contact with the road. For the best performance, you ideally want to have as much of the surface area of the tyre to be in contact with the ground as possible.

ATS Euromaster offers both standard and computerised wheel alignment for your vehicle, checking your:

Toe Alignment 

  • Toe is measured by how much a pair of wheels are turned in or out from a straight-ahead position.
  • Toe alignment can be carried out on the front wheels alone or the front and rear wheels.
  • You will feel your car ‘pulling’ to one side if the toe alignment is out.

Camber Alignment 

  • Camber alignment is the vertical tilt of your wheel.
  • When camber is misaligned, it will cause the tyre to wear excessively across the edges and can cause your vehicle to ‘pull’ to one side.
  • Camber misalignment may not be adjustable on all cars, therefore on certain vehicles, this may indicate that something is worn and should be inspected more closely.

Caster Alignment 

  • Caster alignment is the angle of the steering pivot when viewed from the side of the vehicle
  • Caster has little effect on tyre wear, but it affects steering stability
  • If the caster is out of adjustment, it can cause problems in straight line tracking
  • If the caster is equal but too negative, the steering will be light and the vehicle will wander
  • If the caster is equal but too positive, the steering will be heavy and the steering wheel may kick when going over a bump

A car’s wheels go out of alignment from everyday use, but knocks and bumps caused by potholes or ‘curbing’ your car can have an immediate effect on your car’s tracking.

Even though you might not immediately notice the effects to your vehicle, having wheels that are misaligned by a small amount causes an impact on your car’s fuel economy and tyre wear.

Chances are that you won’t be able to see whether your wheels are misaligned just from looking at the steering and suspension components, but there are a few signs you can look out for if you suspect your tracking is off:

  • The vehicle pulling to one side
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Increased wear on suspension components
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