mid-range tyres

Mid-range Tyres

We stock some of the best mid-range tyres from brands such as Avon, BFGoodrich & Yokohama. Mid-range tyres tend to be the best option if you are the kind of driver who needs their car for getting to and from work, transporting your family around and other frequent journeys.

All our mid-range tyres are available to buy online and can be fitted at a date and time that suits you throughout our network of over 250 centres. Simply search for your tyres and book an appointment online at a centre near you.

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Find a tyre

Avon ZV7 Mid range tyre


A high performance tyre with 'A' grade wet grip. One of our best selling mid-range tyres.

Popular Tyre Sizes

205/55 R16 91V

215/50 R17 95 W XL


Yokohama BlueEarth Mid range tyre


The Bluearth ES32 is ideal for compact and small family cars. With good ratings for fuel and we grip.

Popular Tyre Sizes

195/50 R15 82 V

195/65 R15 91 H

175/65 R14 82 T


BFGoodrich G-grip Mid range tyre


The BFGoodrich G-Grip All-Season 2 tyre offers excellent wet braking, dry grip. It's also certified for winter driving for true all-weather performance.

Popular Tyre Sizes

205/55 R16 91 H

195/55 R16 91 H

205/45 R17 88 V


What are Mid-Range Tyres?

For the average driver, mid-range tyres offer great performance in wet and dry conditions. They can corner well and are extremely durable for everyday driving.

When selecting tyres for your car, you will want something that can deliver on performance, safety and not wear down quickly. It is the engineering that goes into these tyres that will aid in your selection. Mid-range tyres are a high-performance option for your vehicle that are durable and won't break the bank.

Why Choose Mid-Range Tyres?

To get the best balance of price and specifications, mid-range car tyres are an excellent option. If you rarely put a lot of strain on your vehicle, or rarely drive over harsh terrain and through tough conditions, then mid-range tyres offer the best balance and performance for your vehicle.

What's the difference between Budget and Mid-Range Tyres?

The key differences between budget vs mid-range tyres is the cost and durability of each tyre type

Budget tyres are a low-cost option, but they usually wear out faster. They're suitable if you’re not going to be driving much or are typically making shorter trips around town. 

Mid-range are the middle ground for tyres and a step up from budget tyres. They're a practical choice for the average driver taking regular on-road trips. They cost a little more than budget tyres but will typically last longer, especially if you're driving a lot.