Tyre Disposal
Tyre Disposal

Tyre Recycling & Disposal at ATS Euromaster

Each year the UK generates over 80 million waste oil filters alone. Just one of these has the potential to pollute an area two-thirds of the size of a football pitch. ATS Euromaster deal with a huge volume of waste products just like this, day in, day out.

For a small environmental disposal charge, we dispose of all waste products from your car in a government-approved manner. Storage, collection, elimination or recycling solutions have been implemented with the participation of registered professional collectors and in accordance with current regulations. This includes everything from tyres and exhausts to anti-freeze and brake fluid.

We keep worn tyres in specific storage locations. A collector takes responsibility for gathering, storing and transporting them to treatment centres. A worn tyre can be retreaded, burnt as fuel in cement factories or shredded to crumbs to be used in surfaces for sports grounds, play areas or in roads.



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