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    Front and rear axle toe alignment using the latest computerised equipment. See below for full details*

    Fully inclusive price

    Four wheel computerised car alignment service

    Make sure that you are getting the best economy and performance from your car’s tyres with our four-wheel computerised alignment. A computerised wheel alignment will make sure that your car’s tracking is correct to the factory settings, meaning that it will be returned to its original factory configuration.

    A computerised wheel alignment can give a more accurate alignment than a laser-based machine, so the car’s tracking can be adjusted to an exact setting.

    When you bring your car to ATS Euromaster for a computerised wheel alignment we will show you your car’s current alignment and tell you how far out your tracking is from factory specifications. You can even watch the adjustments as they are made.

    Advantages of a computerised alignment

    • Correct wheel alignment is great for your car’s performance but more accurate, computerised alignments have even greater advantages:
    • Wheel tracking can be adjusted to a higher degree of accuracy than laser alignment
    • Adjusts alignment to manufacturer’s spec to ensure the best economy and performance from your tyres
    • Print-outs of your alignment change
    • Records readings each time your wheels are aligned at ATS Euromaster

    Why adjust all four wheels at once?

    Adjusting your front wheels is important to the overall ride and performance of your car- heavily misaligned wheels will also have a noticeable effect on your vehicle’s handling characteristics.

    While rear wheel misalignment may not have as noticeable an effect on your car, but it may still have an impact on your vehicle’s fuel consumption and tyre wear. By aligning all four wheels on your car you can get the best possible performance and fuel economy- with our computerised alignment technology bringing your alignment back to that factory-fresh angle of adjustment.

    Though the two services often get confused, wheel alignments are not the same as a wheel balance. 

    Find out more about wheel balancing at ATS Euromaster

    *Our Computer Alignment Front & Rear can take in excess of 60 minutes and includes Toe adjustment to both the front and rear wheels where possible – some vehicles do not permit rear toe adjustment to occur due to vehicle design/manufacture. This service is suitable for cars, 4x4’s and car derived vans only, including electric or hybrid powered vehicles. A diagnostic equipment service may also be required to switch off dashboard warning lights related to systems like steering angle sensors – this is included within the cost of our Computer Alignment Front & Rear service, subject to the compatibility of the vehicle with our diagnostic equipment. Camber and Castor adjustment (if possible) are not included with this service and will incur an additional charge. No Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) re-calibration is undertaken by ATS Euromaster.