As one of the largest comprehensive tyre service providers in the UK, we are committed to managing the environmental impact that arises from the work that we do.

We have a number of programmes in place that are aimed at helping to reduce the environmental impact created by our work: Working with Envirowise Envirowise is a Government funded programme offering independent support to help organisations become more resource efficient.

We started working with Envirowise in 2009 to explore new ways of reducing our environmental impact, specifically in the areas of waste and electricity usage.

Dry Waste
We have introduced a major ‘dry waste’ recycling programme across our organisation and we have set ourselves some stretching targets to improve our dry waste recycling levels.

As part of our approach to customer service we provide professional advice to ensure that customers achieve the maximum operational design life for each tyre fitted to their vehicle.

At the end of a truck tyre’s design life, every waste tyre is inspected for suitability for re-use by re-treading. In some cases, we accept that these approaches will not be achievable and so we dispose of the casing using the Best Practicable Environmental Option via a registered waste carrier.

Metal, Battery and Oil Waste
We segregate these waste streams in our Centres for either recycling or disposal via appropriate waste contracts.