Products pricing promotions
Products pricing promotions




Why are the Items sometimes more expensive than pricing quoted online if I go direct to an ATS Euromaster Centre?

Because the delivery of online products and services is booked in advance our costs are reduced, and because an online sale typically has a two day lead time we can source the product at the most competitive price. Click here to find out more


How do I find a Tyre/Service/MOT price?

Pricing for the vast majority of our products and services can be found online. Simply perform a tyre search using the tool below, or click here to take a look at MOTs and here to check pricing for Servicing


Find a tyre

Find a tyre

Please note that the prices listed online may vary from those in our Centres - take a look at our online Pricing Policy for more details.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please contact your local Centre 





How do I claim my free gift following uptake of recent promotion?

To claim a free gift as part of a promotion, please visit the claim site referred to on the applicable special offer page on our website. You will need to submit your invoice number, so please make sure you have this to hand. A full list of the promotions available online can be found here


How can I find out what special offers/discounts are available at ATS Euromaster?

Please visit our special offers page to see all of the offers and discounts currently available. There may also be some offers that are only available at certain locations - please check with your local Centre for more details.


I have a Groupon voucher I have not been able to redeem. How do I get a refund?

Email and an email will be provided for you to send to Groupon confirming the voucher was not redeemed and a full refund is required.



Membership Clubs


How do I apply for one of your membership schemes?

To join one of our Club schemes, visit the scheme page to complete an application form. You should receive your membership fob within 21 days of submitting your application.


I applied for my membership card over 3 weeks ago but have not received it, how do I check that it's on its way?

If you have not received your Club fob within 21 days of submitting your application form, please email our Customer Services team at


Can I use my membership card to get discounts on the ATS Euromaster website?

Our Club schemes are only for use within our Centres, full terms and conditions for our Clubs can be found here