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Goodride Tyres

The Goodride tyre brand is universally popular, with drivers across all continents making use of its extensive range of high-performance tyres on a number of different vehicle types.

We currently have a limited range of Goodride tyres available to buy online. If you can't find a tyre for your size but still wish to purchase Goodridge tyres please ring your local centre to check offline availability.

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Find a tyre

About Goodride Tyres

The company's tyre production is driven by the mantras of "innovation, the pursuit of perfection, interactive, win-win" which allow it to continue to make strides in the industry towards becoming a major player.

Goodride has a focus on making products that are not detrimental to the environment, as well as working with distributors to improve its range of top quality products around the globe. 

Goodride Tyres is a company that prides itself on 'knowing roads', with the company providing tyres for a range of different vehicle types, including cars, trucks, lorries and commercial vehicles for a number of years. It has been manufacturing a wide range of quality tyres ever since 1958, with its products popular on the roads of North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Goodride manufactures its tyres in a state of the art facility which has won it a number of awards over the years, including from the US Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission for Europe. 

Popular Goodride Tyres


Premium quality tires at affordable prices, Goodride SU318 tyres are a great choice for SUVS and Crossovers. It has a unique tread pattern to handle wet and dry roads with precision and control.


The SC328 has four wide ribs that improve miles to tread life, combined with Zig-zag grooves that provide enhanced traction on wet roads. The combination of it's polyester casing and steel belts provide outstanding durability.