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Nexen Tyres at ATS Euromaster

Nexen Tyre was established in 1942 under the name Heung-A Tire Company, Nexen Tire Co. and have served the tyre industry for the over 71 years and were recognized as the first Korean tyre company in 1956.

The company name was changed from Woosung Tire to Nexen Tyre Coporation in the year 2000. The name Nexen is a combination of two future-oriented words; next and century. It reflects Nexen’s will and determination to prepare for the future and to drive a better tomorrow.

Nexen are dedicated to fulfilling their brand promise to explore innovative technologies, to develop safe and eco-friendly products and to ensure active families and individuals reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.

Popular Patterns

Nexen N Fera SU1

The N Fera SU1 is part of Nexens high performance range delivering performance in all weather conditions.  With 3 main grooves and 1 semi groove aiming to maximize wet driving performance and provide superior. Force concentrated during high speed cornering enhances block rigidity to increase cornering and steering stability.

Nexen N'Blue Eco

The N'blue ECO tyre provides a smooth comfortable ride with low resistance, which helps save on fuel costs.  The optimized tread contact patch evenly distributes pressure for longer tread wear.  Rated for top performance in all seasons, the N'blue ECO’s sipes and tread grooves are precision-placed to provide excellent braking performance  on wet or dry roads.  Three centre ribs serve to maintain stability at increased highway speeds.

Nexen Rodian HP

The Nexen Roadian HP is a high performance directional SUV tyre.  Its large shoulder block maximizes cornering grip and stability, while the arrow-type center rib improves handling.  Pattern noise is reduced by a 5 random pitch variation.  When wet conditions hit, wide deep grooves provide excellent drainage, braking and anti-hydroplaning. For enhanced high performance grip on any road surface, the Roadian HP is the right choice.