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Rapid Tyres

Rapid have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing tyres striving to provide products that provide the best value for money, protecting you and your wallet, whilst ensuring the highest standards and conforming to strict quality controls.

We currently do not have any runway tyres available to buy online. Other budget brands are available such as HILO. If you still wish to purchase Rapid tyres please ring your local centre to check offline availability.

Find a tyre

Find a tyre

Popular Patterns

The following patterns may be in stock in our network. Please check with your local centre.


Designed for high performance vehicles and urban environments the P609 is a great choice for a low cost quality tyre. It’s asymmetric pattern increases the contact area on the outside of the tyre offering improved handling through cornering even at high speed.


Designed for the everyday passenger vehicle the P309 offers outstanding value for money without compromising on safety. Its symmetric tread pattern is specifically designed for straight line stability whilst providing excellent traction and braking in all weather conditions.


The Rapid Effivan tyre is designed for vans with everyday requirements. The design for this tyre was crafted with steering performance in mind, to allow for a continuous and powerful drive.