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Oil and Filter Change at ATS Euromaster

Making sure that your car's oil gets changed regularly is key to keeping a car's engine running healthily for as long as possible. Oil keeps the moving components within the engine moving with as little resistance as possible, but needs to be treated as a perishable, meaning that it needs to be replaced routinely to make sure that you're still getting the best performance possible.

ATS Euromaster recommends that engine oil levels are checked once every month.

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Why does oil need to be replaced? 

Over time oil can lose its effectiveness in a number of ways, so it's important to make sure that the oil in your car's system is healthy and not causing any damage to vital components.

As oil gets used and breaks down, more sludge and dirt builds up in the system and more contaminants from the internal combustion process can make their way into the system. To prevent this oil making its way around the entire oil system, a filter is used to keep the oil itself as pure as possible as it makes its way around the engine.

No matter how well maintained engines are, the system will generate dirt and deposits that contaminates the oil. The oil filter will initially remove any dirt from the oil, however the filter will eventually clog up making the oil cleansing process ineffective.

Why does the oil filter need to be replaced?

An oil filter picks up more and more contaminants through use until it can no longer effectively prevent potentially damaging particles into the system. For this reason it is widely accepted that a car’s oil filter should be changed at the same time as an oil change.

As oil changes are recommended once every 10,000 miles or annually (whichever comes first), replacing the oil filter at the same time helps the ensure that the oil can flow freely throughout the engine and will remain in good condition at least until the next oil change.

Our expert technicians are on hand to give you advice and help you identify the most suitable oil for your vehicle in line with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Oil and filter changes are included in both standard and comprehensive services.

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Mobil 1 oil changes at ATS Euromaster

ATS Euromaster proud suppliers of Mobil 1 oil, so when you come to us for a service or an oil change you know that you car is getting one of the most advanced oils ever created from one of the world’s leading oil suppliers.

Mobil 1 is the only major oil supplier in the UK to be officially dexos2™ licensed, having developed a range of engine oils designed to meet all the specific requirements of petrol and diesel engines used in General Motors vehicles across Europe.

Mobil 1 oils have made outstanding contributions to motorsports as well as daily driving and the same technology that has been honed in NASCAR and Formula 1 is helping keeping your car’s engine clean and offering long-lasting protection.