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Making sure that your car's oil gets changed regularly is key to keeping its engine running healthily for as long as possible. Oil keeps components within the engine moving with as little resistance as possible and needs to be replaced routinely to make sure you're still getting the best performance. Find an oil and filter change near you with over 250 ATS centres across the UK offering this service.

ATS Euromaster recommends that engine oil levels are checked once every month. As proud suppliers of Mobil oil, you'll know that when you come to us for an engine oil change you're filling your car with the most advanced and market leading oil at one of our oil change shops. 


What is the difference between the Mobil oils we use?

Mobil oil comparison
Mobil oil comparison

Why Should You Get a Car Oil Change?

Over time, oil can lose its effectiveness in a number of ways, so it's important to make sure the oil in your car's system is healthy and not causing any damage to vital components.

As oil gets used and breaks down, more sludge and dirt build up in the system and more contaminants from the internal combustion process can enter the system. To prevent this oil making its way around the entire oil system, an engine oil filter is used to keep the oil as pure as possible as it makes its way around the engine.

No matter how well-maintained engines are, the system will generate dirt and deposits that contaminate the oil. The engine oil filter will initially remove any dirt from the oil; however, the filter will eventually clog up making the oil cleansing process ineffective. This is why you will need a filter and engine oil change at one of our oil change shops to refresh the engine system and keep your engine healthy and running smoothly.

Do You Need an Oil Change?

Your vehicle's oil levels need to be checked regularly to ensure your car is always running smoothly. Its function is to keep all of the moving parts of your car's components lubricated to reduce friction so they don't seize up. That's why you need an oil change on a regular basis - an oil change service will replace dirty oil and keep the parts of your engine moving and working effectively. 

How Often Should You Get an Oil Change For Your Car?

"An engine oil filter picks up more and more contaminants through use until it can no longer effectively prevent potentially damaging particles from entering the system. For this reason, it's widely accepted that an engine's oil filter should be changed at the same time as an oil change service.

As oil change services are recommended once every 10,000 miles or annually (whichever comes first), getting an oil filter change at the same time helps ensure that the oil can flow freely throughout the engine and remain in good condition, at least until the next oil filter change.

Our expert technicians are on hand to give you advice and help you identify the most suitable oil for your vehicle in line with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Oil and filter changes are included in our Interim, Full and Major services.       

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How Long Does an Oil Filter Last?

How long an oil filter lasts depends on the vehicle you have and how many miles you've driven. As a general rule, an oil filter will last between 5000 and 8000 miles. You should think about getting an oil filter change every time you go for an oil change service, which should occur around this 5000- to 8000-mile mark. 

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

Our filter and oil change cost starts from only £55. The oil and filter change price will depend on factors like your engine size and what quality of oil you choose to use. Just enter your registration into the tool above to see how much an oil change will cost. 

Book a Car Oil Change Service at a Centre Near You

Find an oil and filter change near you with an oil change shop at over 250 ATS centres across the UK offering this service. Simply enter your registration and our tool will find the oil change service required for your vehicle.

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