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    Extend the life of your tyres and avoid premature wear – get your front axle toe alignment adjusted today. See below for full details*

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    Front Laser Wheel Alignment Service 

    Many drivers would benefit from having their car’s wheels correctly aligned and a front wheel laser alignment is in many cases the most cost-effective way to make sure that your car’s wheels are aligned. 

    Our laser alignment service looks at the angle of your car’s front wheel alignment and makes sure that they are correctly placed on the road so that the wheels do not drag as they travel.

    Why align the front wheels of my vehicle?

    The front axle of the vehicle is more likely to go out of alignment as the front wheels are usually the first point of contact when hitting a pothole or curb. While your rear wheels can also go out of alignment this is likely to happen less often and as such your car might only need to have the front wheel tracking adjusted.

    Why does my vehicle need a front-wheel alignment?

    If your car’s front wheels are out of alignment you may notice the following:

    Car pulling in one direction while driving
    Reduced fuel efficiency
    Increased tyre wear
    The steering wheel is at an angle when driving in a straight line

    I think the wheels of my front vehicle aren't aligned?

    Front wheels that aren’t aligned are usually an easy fix, which is why we offer a service that lets you have your front wheels alone adjusted without needing to have both front and rear axles adjusted at the same time. 

    While the two are often confused, wheel alignment is not the same as wheel balancing. Find out more about wheel balancing.

    *Our Standard Wheel Alignment can take in excess of 30 minutes and includes Toe adjustment to the front wheels only. This service is suitable for cars, 4x4’s and car derived vans only, including electric or hybrid powered vehicles. A diagnostic equipment service may also be required to switch off dashboard warning lights related to systems like steering angle sensors – this is included within the cost of our Standard Wheel Alignment service, subject to the compatibility of the vehicle with our diagnostic equipment. Camber and Castor adjustment (if possible) are not included with this service and will incur an additional charge. No Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) re-calibration is undertaken by ATS Euromaster.