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Avon Tyres has been manufacturing tyres for over 100 years.

Over the years, Avon tyres have kept racers ahead of the field in everything from grassroots series right up to Formula 1, Le Mans 24-Hour endurance racing, GT championships, hillclimb, rallycross and even ice racing.

Today, Avon tyres are active in over 150 motorsport championships around the world and the know-how used in our race tyres is transferred across to our range of road tyres. Avon tyres are supplied to other British marques such as Caterham and Morgan for cars and Triumph and Royal Enfield for motorcycle.

Our most popular AVON Tyre ranges

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  • WT7

    The Avon WT7 is ideal for wintery conditions

  • ZZ5

    The Avon ZZ5 is an ultra-high performance tyre for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars.

  • ZV7

    A high performance tyre with 'A' grade wet grip.

  • ZT5

    The Avon ZT5 is a modern pattern for everyday use ideal for family cars.


    The Avon Avanza AV9 is a modern high speed van tyre specially designed to cope with the demands of van driving in wet and dry weather conditions.

  • ZX7

    Unique asymmetric tread pattern aids wet grip and resists aquaplaning.


    General purpose tyre.


  • ZT7

    The Avon ZT7 is a premium summer tyre, ideal for small and mid-sized cars

  • AV12

    The Avon AV12 is durable tyre ideal for vans