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Hankook Tyres From ATS Euromaster

Hankook Tyre Manufacturing are the world's 7th largest tyre manufacturer and one of the fastest growing tyre manufacturers in the world. The company was the first auto-mobile tyre manufacturing company in Korea and now they distribute their products to over 180 countries worldwide.

The success of Hankook's high-quality, high-performance, radial tyres and contribution to technological advancements in the world of tyres has led to their products being factory fitted with industry leaders in the luxury car market such as; Audi, Ford and Volkswagen to name just a few.

Hankook tyres have pioneered the rubber manufacturing and tyre-making industry for over 70 years. ATS Euromaster are proud to carry Hankook car, van and 4x4 ranges throughout our UK service centres.

For further information on choosing the correct Hankook tyres for your vehicle, use the ‘Find a Tyre’ tool or visit your local ATS Euromaster centre where our in-house experts can help select and fit the right product for your vehicle. 

Our most popular HANKOOK Tyre ranges

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  • KINERGY ECO (K425)

    Kinergy eco's Fuel Saving Technology was developed by combining new materials, such as nano-scale silica particles, using new mixing technology.

  • OPTIMO (K715)

    Optimal original design obtained by computer simulation for this T-index tyre.

  • VANTRA (RA18)

    The Hankook Vantra LT RA18 is a summer radial tyre suitable for commercial vans and transport vehicles, the Vantra LT RA18 provides excellent durability, increased mileage as well as excellent wet performance and a balanced footprint.

  • VENTUS PRIME 2 (K115)

    Ventus Prime 2 is leading edge technology developed using a bionic oriented pattern design (Jaguar's tooth shape) to secure optimum grip.

  • VENTUS S1 EVO (K107)

    Outstanding handling performance thanks to 3D wave and straight groove and variable side angles.

  • OPTIMO (K415)

    High-performance tire with superb wet/dry handling performance.

  • VENTUS V12 EVO 2 (K120)

    A tyre designed for drivers who like to express their own style which delivers outstanding performance in sports driving.

  • VENTUS S1 EVO 2 (K117)

    The best balance between wet & dry performance.

  • RA28

    The Hankook Radial RA28 is an asymmetrical tyre suitable for transport vehicles and caravans.


    Aggressive tread design for sport driving creates improved safety, quiet, comfortable and stable ride and improved off road performance.

  • K107

    Outstanding handling performance thanks to 3D wave and straight groove and variable side angles.

  • VENTUS (RH06)

    The footprint provides constant, maximum contact with the road surface for a smooth ride and remarkable all-weather handling.

  • I*CEPT RS 2 (W452)

  • I*CEPT EVO 2 (W320)

  • I*CEPT EVO 2 (W320B)

  • VENTUS PRIME 3 (K125)

  • Ventus S1 Evo 2 SUV (K117A)