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Tigar Tyres from ATS Euromaster

Exclusive to ATS Euromaster

Tigar is a long-established European tyre brand, from a traditional European tyre plant, designed by specialists, to offer high levels of safety at an affordable price.

We proudly recommend Tigar Tyres as a great choice economy tyre for the following reasons;

  • Our number 1 selling economy brand
  • Extensive range & widely stocked
  • Exclusively available from ATS Euromaster
  • Produced in a European factory belonging to the Michelin Group
  • A traditional tyre brand from a traditional European tyre plant

Tigar tyres have become a popular choice for drivers across the globe who are looking for a tyre that offers them both fantastic value for money and a great level of durability, particularly in Europe.

The tyres are manufactured specifically with the continent's weather conditions in mind, which means they are top performers on roads across Europe.

Tigar manufactures tyres for cars, vans and 4X4 vehicles, and its brand is one that has become synonymous with high quality at affordable prices. Modern technology used means that the tyres offer drivers a very smooth ride quality and durability that means the tyres are long-lasting and reliable.

The Tigar Factory

Tigar tyres are produced in a European tyre factory belonging to Michelin, one of the worldwide leading tyre manufacturers. The factory was founded in 1935, hence it operates with more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing rubber products. Tyre production at the factory began in 1959.

The passenger tyre factory has passed the quality monitoring system and has been certified by independent auditors:

  • Compliance with UNECE* Regulations

* United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.


Our Most Popular Tigar Tyres

Tigar Prima - The perfect tyre for use over the summer months, the Tiger Prima is a range built to suit European roads. Although they should not be used in winter, their high performance and excellent value for money make them a great choice for small family cars. Well known for reliability and safety, they have a symmetrical tyre tread which increases contact with the road and greatly increases handling. This also gives great speed stability for cornering and strong protection against the risk of aquaplaning in the wetter weather.

Tigar Sigura - Best for compact cars and city driving, the Sigura is a tyre which makes use of a directional tread pattern to maximise safety. It is best used in the summer months, but also offers fantastic protection against the danger of aquaplaning thanks to the tread pattern and improved grooves and sipes on the tyres. Available in 13 and 14-inch tyres, it also reduces noise and rolling issues. For a low price point, the tyre represents fantastic value for money, and is a favourite for city drivers who drive short distances and have low mileage in the summer.

Tigar Syneris - The largest of the Tigar range of tyres, the Syneris comes in both 16 and 17 inches. It is more suited to sports-style driving, thanks to the one-directional arrow tread it carries, and it focuses mainly on reliability and safety. Smaller central blocks on the tyre mean it gives drivers a smoother ride and improved traction on the surface, while wide shoulder blocks withstand high cornering to provide a stable ride for motorists.

ATS Euromaster are proud to provide Tigar tyres throughout the UK at our service centres. For more information on available tyre ranges, use the 'Find Your Tyres' section of our website, or visit a service centre, where our experts will help select the right tyre for your vehicle and ensure that they are fitted correctly.