Caravan, Campervan & Motorhome Tyres

We offer a wide variety of tyres for your caravan, campervan or motorhome. Whatever you drive and wherever you are heading, we have the right tyres for you so you can keep safe on those long journeys.

Our caravan tyre range is available to buy online and can be fitted at a date and time that suits you throughout our network of over 250 centres. Simply search for your tyres and book an appointment online at a centre near you

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Find a tyre

Continental Vanco Camper Tyres

Continental Vanco Camper Tyres

Providing extra driving stability for rear-heavy camper vans. This tyre also offers improved durability in rough camping environments.

Continental Vanco Camper Tyres

Michelin Agilis Camping Tyres

A luxury highway tyre designed specifically for motor homes providing long tyre life, good ride quality and handling.

How often do my caravan tyres need replacing?

You won’t use your caravan as much as your car, due to this low mileage it takes a longer period of time do reach the minimum legal requirement for tread depth. However, as all tyres are exposed to the elements and road usage it is important to still keep an eye on tread depth and check this before any journeys.

The BTMA (British Tyre Manufacturers' Association) recommends that caravan tyres be replaced every 5 years and should never be used if they are over 7 years old.

How old are my tyres?

find your tyre age

In the example above, the manufacture date code is 2118 - where 21 denotes the week of manufacture and 18 represents the year. So this tyre was made in the 21st week of 2018.

If you find your tyres only have a 3-digit number this means they were manufactured before 2000 and should be replaced immediately.

Can’t find your caravan tyres online?

If you can’t find your tyre sizes online don’t worry, simply contact your local ATS Euromaster centre. Our technicians will be able to source the tyre and arrange a fitting date over the phone.