run flat tyres

Run Flat Tyres

Run flat tyres are increasingly being used by manufacturers on their new vehicles in a bid to boost safety for motorists. At ATS Euromaster we stock a wide range of run flat tyres at competitive prices from brands such as Pirelli, Continental & Bridgestone.

Our run flat tyre range is available to buy online and can be fitted at a date and time a that suits you throughout our network of over 260 centres. Simply search for your tyres and book an appointment online at a centre near you.

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What are Run Flat tyres?

Run Flat tyres are designed with a reinforced sidewall which helps prevent the tyre from disintegrating when punctured. This means you can travel to a safe place to change your tyre as necessary. If you suffer from a puncture your TPMS system will alert you.

How do I know if my vehicle has Run Flat tyres?

The easiest way to check if you have Run Flat tyres fitted to your vehicle is to check their sidewall. Some tyres will have the words ‘Run Flat’ or ‘Run on Flat’ written on them, others will have a code which denotes whether or not they are Run Flats.

The code used to mark Run Flat tyres varies between manufacturers, but here are some examples:

Michelin: ZP 
Pirelli: RSC
Continental: SSR
Yokohama: ZPS

How far can I drive on a Run Flat tyres?

Do not drive more than 50 miles on a Run Flat that has had a puncture. It's very important that you get the tyre changed as soon as you can. It's recommended you do not travel more than 50mph.

If you drive more than the 50 miles you risk damaging the wheel of your vehicle, which will cost you a great deal more to repair than the cost of a new tyre.

Can you repair Run Flat tyres?

The majority of manufacturers advise against repairing Run Flat tyres, as the integrity of the tyre may have been compromised if driven on. Run Flat tyres can be purchased online from ATS Euromaster and fitted at one of our service centres around the UK. 

Can I switch between Run Flat and conventional tyres?

It is possible to fit Run Flat tyres if your vehicle currently has conventional tyres fitted to it. You will need a TPMS system in order to do this, and you may need some alterations to your suspension as Run Flat tyres are more rigid.

If you already have Run Flat tyres fitted to you vehicle and would like to change to conventional tyres, this is possible, however it is generally advisable to replace like-for-like. If you do choose to change from Run Flats to conventional tyres, be aware that you will not have a spare tyre for your vehicle if it was originally fitted with Run Flats. 

Can I mix and match Run Flat with ‘normal’ tyres?

As with all tyres, it is recommended that you don’t mix and match as different tyres have different characteristics that can affect handling. If you want to switch from conventional tyres to Run Flats, or from Run Flats to conventional tyres, it is recommended that you replace all 4 tyres at the same time.

What is TPMS?

The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a safety feature fitted to the wheels of many modern cars. TPMS uses sensors to detect gradual or sudden changes in tyre pressure and will alert the driver if there is a problem.

As Run Flat tyres are designed to retain rigidity when punctured, it is essential that they are only fitted to vehicles with TPMS otherwise you may not be aware of a potentially dangerous reduction in tyre pressure as a result of a puncture.

Find out more about TPMS here.