Continental tyres at ATS
Continental tyres at ATS

Continental Tyres at ATS Euromaster

Continental tyres put a focus on safety, providing you with precision handling and braking even in harsh conditions. That’s why Continental are the tyres of choice of many major manufacturers- with almost 1/3rd of all new cars built in Europe today leaving the factory with a fresh set of Continentals.

Continental's high performance tyres are the result of development and innovation to advance driving safety and performance. Technologies used in the Conti.eContact™ will help regular cars to be more efficient in the future whilst the ContiSeal™ principle allows tyres to be unstoppable on the road, even if it has a small puncture.

Our Most Popular Continental Tyres

ContiEcoContact 5 - These tyres have been created with drivers that cover large distances annually. For that reason they have been made to give the best fuel consumption and the longest tyre life possible, which means you save money when compared to many other leading brand tyres. ContiEcoContact tyres deliver excellent performance without sacrificing performance in the wet to give you a tyre that’s both affordable at all times.

ContiPremiumContact 5 - Popular among luxury medium-sized cars, owing to its unique 3D tread grooves which benefit the handling and stopping time on both wet and dry surfaces. The ContiPremiumContact features runflat technology and improved rolling resistance for better performance and fuel economy.

ContiSportContact 5 - This tyre was voted the ‘Best Summer Tyre’ of 2016 by Auto Express after testing a 225/45R17 tyre against 10 competitors’ tyres, with the Continental tyres coming out ahead by a wide margin. The tyres took the top spot in the dry handling, dry braking, wet handling and wet braking tests, showing it to be more than capable across the board.